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Welcome to DAWN, the EDtech platform that is changing the way we learn. Built on blockchain technology and powered by AI, our platform is designed to make education accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, language, or abilities.


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Our Services

Dawn's complete suite of blockchain-scaling solutions.

Course Transcription

Through the use of AI, we are able to transcribe courses into localized languages, providing learners with access to high-quality educational resources in their native tongue.

AI Recruitment Services

We understand the challenges of finding employment, which is why we offer AI recruitment services to connect job seekers with opportunities that match their skills and experience.

Dyslexia-Friendly Platform

Our platform is created with inclusivity and accessibility in kind. DAWN is dyslexia-friendly, incorporating a specialized font that is easier for individuals with dyslexia to read and comprehend.

Closed Captioning and Sign Language Interpretation

At DAWN, we are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment. We incorporate closed captioning and sign language interpretation into our resources and courses, making education accessible to individuals with hearing problems and speech disorders.

Tokenized Affiliate Marketing

We offer tokenized affiliate marketing, providing users with the chance to earn tokens by referring new users. This creates a collaborative ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Learn and Earn in the Metaverse

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the learning experience. Through our Learn and Earn program in the metaverse, learners can earn tokens by completing educational challenges and tasks in virtual worlds.

Built For Every and Anyone

Explore Dawn's complete suite of blockchain-scaling features.

Built For

As an Educator You Can:

  • - Access course creation tool
  • - Upload courses, questions, and resources
  • - Add closed captioning and sign language interpretation to courses
  • - View insights and analytics on course performance

Tailored For

As a Learner You Can:

  • - Track progress and earn badges
  • - Access course materials, including past questions and resources
  • - Participate in Learn and Earn program in the metaverse
  • - Connect with educators and other learners through a social platform

Oppurtunity For

As an Affliate Marketer, you can::

  • - Access a referral link and marketing materials
  • - Earn tokens by referring new users to our platform
  • - View insights and analytics on referral performance
  • - View insights and analytics on referral performance

Vacancy For
Job Seekers

As a Job seeker, you can:

  • - Create a profile and upload a resume
  • - Access to AI recruitment services and job matching
  • - Receive job alerts and notifications
  • - Receive job seekers recommendations based on skills and experience


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